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Qist al Hindi

Also known as ‘Aloes Wood’ or ‘Costus Roots’

From the Prophetic Hadith, we find that the Prophet (PBUH) told us of 7 cures from this medicine and later more uses and cures were discovered from science and research.

Benefits include; eases the menstrual flow, eases the flow of urine, kills worms in the bowels, repels poison, repels fever, heats the stomach, increases sexual desire, removes facial spots, helps dry out excess phlegm, remedy for cold and flu, helps backache and rheumatic pain, helps asthma, helps to reduce colour discolouration and more.

Ingredients; 100% ground Costus Roots

Available in; 120g jars.

Use; Mix half a teaspoon of qist al hindi with pure honey and take as a paste. Alternatively, have half a teaspoon and wash down with water. Mix with oil and apply to affected joints for rheumatic pain