Ilford Cupping
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Dedicated in healing the body, mind and spirit by cupping



Bronze £30 Consultation, Dry Cupping, Wet Cupping on 6 Sunnah points (20 mins)

Silver £40 Consultation, Back and head Massage with organic oils and essential oils, dry cupping, wet cupping on 6 points (35 mins)
*Recommended for the first time clients *

Gold £55 Consultation, Full Body massage with organic oils and essential oils, dry cupping, wet cupping on 6 points (60 mins)
*Head Cupping + £5
*Any additional cups chargeable at £5 per cup


Gold Facial £40 stimulates collagen production, helps reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, lightens complexion.

Herbal Facial £35 skin analysis, deep cleansing, herbal face pack prepared according to the condition of the skin.

Dermasonic Facial £40 a combination of LED light therapy and ultrasonic sound waves with the application of facial creams, enabling them to penetrate at a deeper level, results in radiant, healthy and hydrated skin complexion.

Facial Cupping £30 cleansing and facial cupping. Helps to reduce puffiness, clear sinuses, stimulates collagen, encourages


Body Massages and Treatments

Mizan Therapy fertility massage to promote hormonal balance, increases circulation to the uterus and womb, helps clear blockages and stagnant blood.

Deep tissue massage £40 full body massage with deeper pressure, reduces pain, aids recovery for injuries, and relieves muscles soreness.

Hot Stone Massage £65 eases pain, gives a sedative effect, reduce stress and anxiety, regulate blood flow and circulation.

Lymphatic drainage massage £60 dry cupping massage removes excess fluid retention in the body, aids weight loss, pain relief.

Ayurveda massage £65 regulates blood flow, powerful recharger and rejuvenates the mind and body.

Inner strength body massage £40 with specialist oils, physically and emotionally uplifting, great for stress relief, anxiety and depression.

Customised massage £45 customised blend of oils picked according to a consultation, treatment massage.

Full Body Scrub £60 full body exfoliation and massage.

Back Scrub £25 exfoliation of the back and neck with steam.

Head Massage £30 Indian head massage with specialist oils and hair mask.

Weight loss Body Wrap £60 body massage and wrap to aid weight loss.