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Mizan Therapy

Mizan word is inherited from the Arabic language, which means to balance. The Mizan therapy is an old traditional way to heal and restore the balance of the body. It eases the menstrual pain for people suffering from it. Mizan therapy cures the fertility issues and also solves the digestive problems.

The Mizan therapy practices techniques that deal with issues of reproductive organs, emotional health and digestive system. The methods are renowned in the East for dealing with plenty of women’s health issues. It is a soothing massage that cures the womb area and brings betterment to the health of women, emotionally and physically.

This therapy aids from the symptoms of several health conditions.  It will help in leaving the medicines you take during the days of periods, resulting to reclaim your control over your body. Mizan therapy will help by massaging the abdomen to cure the womb and supply enough oxygen and balanced circulation of blood to the pelvic area. Mizan therapy uses massage with a blend of herbal preparations, boosting the body to get rid of the toxins in the blood.

Mizan therapy is incredibly useful in solving infertility issues, aiding to better the chances of conceiving. It also helps through the process of a miscarriage, both emotionally and physically by encouraging abdominal massage. And preparing the body to strengthen for future conception. The Mizan therapy helps you to let go of the stresses during menopause, assisting you to connect with your body again and balancing your hormones.

This therapy can help to heal a number of digestive issues such as bloating or constipation and many more. The massage is done during the Mizan therapy is highly beneficial for digestion. Mizan therapy also offers postnatal massages for the pregnant women, promoting and guiding healing to the internal organs.

Mizan therapy aims at the abdomen, legs and back, providing alignment pelvic organs, easing the proper flow of blood and oxygen as well as excreting harmful toxins from the body.