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Inner Strength Body Massage

Looking for inner peace or just want to get rid of stress? Be pampered with the Inner Strength Body Massage. The inner strength body massage therapy comprises a body and head massage while also placing hot stones on the key areas of the body. The inner strength body massage aims of specific points in the body that tend to grip stress such as, face, neck, shoulders and back.

The inner strength body massage is done with an intensely powerful body oil made of frankincense, euphoric clary sage and cardamom, as the mixture of these oils will let you experience relaxation. The therapist will apply this nourishing oil on your soles of feet then the legs and back will treat so ease the tension in this area. Then a warm basalt stone is positioned in the centre of a tummy so let go any sort of emotional stress. Meanwhile, the therapist will massage your head and face to balance the physical state of the body with mental.

Inner Strength Body Massage is done with a hot compress which results in relaxing and soothing the muscles in the body. The inner massage uses clary sage to calm the body, the frankincense enables to have clarity and better focus, whereas the cardamom and rosemary fortify in circulation and healing.

The inner strength body massage creates a layer of warm aura around you with positive energy and relaxation, enabling you to have some me time, from a stressful day. This massage therapy will renew the body strength. The inner strength body massage is a blend of ayurvedic aroma, that makes this massage therapy an ideal one to get rid of a hectic and tense day.

Inner strength body massage transforms the body and mind, relieving the tension in muscles and let he body to rediscover the wellbeing with this therapy. This massage therapy increases the energy in the body and makes the immune system strong to fight against diseases. The final result of this therapy makes you emerge stronger and ready for any sort of sudden changes.