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Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is done with flat and smooth stones that are heated and placed on the particular areas of the body. During the hot stone massage, the therapist might place the stones on the stomach, chest, palms, face, feet or toes and along the spine. The hot stone massage is performed under the guidance of experts.

The heat produced from the hot stones helps in easing the pain and muscle tension. It provides a sufficient flow of blood to that desired area. Hot stone massage reduces muscle knots and increases the elasticity of the muscles.

Hot stone massage therapy is highly beneficial for stress relief. This massage therapy will make you get a peaceful and relaxed sleep because your body releases all kinds of stress and tension during the therapy.

Everyone wants to be internally strong. Hot stone massage helps in boosting the immunity of the body to fight against diseases. People who are suffering from muscle spasm and pain, difficulty in sleeping or depression, can take advantage of this therapy.

The hot stone massage softens away the tension and stiffness of muscle, resulting in an increase of blood circulation and improved metabolism. This therapy encourages deep muscle easing because the stones are smooth and warm and are placed on key points of the body. The heat from the stones directly relaxes the tension of muscles. For effective and increased benefits to aid relaxation and reducing stress, opt for full body hot stone massage.

Hot Stone massage acts similar to the effect of sedatives, as it relaxes you from deep within and releases the chronic pain. It decreases pain and muscle stiffness, reducing chronic tension and stress, increasing flexibility and elasticity of joints and releasing tension and pain produced by muscle spasm. The hot stones massage increases the supply of blood to the vessels and provides the required oxygen sufficiently.