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Full Body Scrub

A full body scrub is a sort of facial for the body. It exfoliates the skin, making it hydrating which results in a smooth a soft skin. The full body scrub is performed with a grainy substance, such as sea salt or sugar that is mixed with aromatic essential oil and massage oil. The full body scrub is followed with moisturising the body with organic lotion or cream to keep the skin smooth and hydrated.

The full body scrub is performed by well-experienced therapists who initiate the massage gently and calmy rubbing the scrub mixture in your back, exfoliates it and then scrub the other side. After this process, you have to rinse the applied scrub from your body in the shower. When you’ll step out of the shower, the therapist will apply the lotion, cream or essential oil to moisturise the body.

Full body scrub is basically a skin care practice that removes dead skin from the body by scrubbing and exfoliation. It makes the skin look fresh and revitalised, as it removes impurities from the body.

The removal of dead skin by doing the full body scrub will make the skin look as well as feel young and fresh, which will automatically make your skin appear vibrant and youthful. The moisturiser will easily absorb in the skin that will make it hydrated. The full body scrub works a facial for the body.

The full body scrub increases the blood flow thoroughly in the vessels. It removes the decolouration from the skin, making the skin tone even. The most effective part of the full body scrub is that it aids in absorbing any kind of lotion or moisturiser into the skin so that the skin gets its complete pampering.

A full body scrub is highly relaxing and satisfying therapy, it will bring out the actual body texture and removes the old dead cells.