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Facial Cupping

Facial cupping uses suction cups to increase the blood circulation and release the muscle tension. The facial cupping promotes the regeneration of cells. It improves the flow of blood and invigorates the skin without leaving the marks of small cups. Facial cupping is the cure to many skin problems.

In this therapy the suction produced due to the vacuum of cups, separates different layers of tissues in the skin, thus treating the facial skin to deep within. Facial cupping increases the flow of oxygen-rich blood and eases muscle tension. It also tightens the skin with the connective tissues and fuels cells for collagen increase.

The facial cupping helps in brightening the skin, decreasing puffiness, toning the chin, neck and jawline, diminishing the occurrence of scars, wrinkles and fine lines. It is an ancient method to create suction that helps to cure almost every facial skin issues.

Facial cupping promises long-lasting youthful fresh glowing skin. It fastens the blood circulation to the tissues, revitalising the skin. It increases the process in your skin that is done naturally to reduce the puffiness of skin. The facial cupping softens the fine lines and wrinkles, assisting the skin treatments products to penetrate and absorb easily.

Women around the world are opting for this therapy as it is safe for the skin with no chemicals used. It helps to fight against ageing and rejuvenated this skin, reversing the signs of ageing, bringing back the youthful glowing skin

It is the safest approach for people who want to boost the natural process of skin revitalising and those who say no to Botox or injections. After facial cupping, you will observe that the wrinkles and fine lines are plump. The muscle tension will reduce from the face, loosening tough tissues, as the oxygen and blood will flow evenly throughout the face. Facial cupping will take your beauty regime to a next level.