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Dermasonic Facial

The Dermasonic facial is done by using a Dermasonic device that cleanses the pores of the face deeply using ultrasonic vibrations. It penetrates deep into the skin to remove blackheads, dirt and harmful toxins. Dermasonic facial stimulates the blood circulation in the skin, resulting in a radiant and fresher looking face. Dermasonic facial increases the supply of oxygen to the face skin cells and improves the metabolism of cells to give a complete glow.

Dermasonic facial removes dead skin and dirt from clogged pores with damaging the natural texture of skin. It increases the cells circulation and speeds up the generation of healthy skin. This facial therapy tightens the skin, making it firm.

The ultrasonic vibration during this facial gives intense moisture to replenish the dry and dehydrated skin. It is really effective for treating ageing of the skin. This therapy is combined with essential oils and vitamins especially hyaluronic acid to treat the skin.

The Dermasonic facial evens the skin tone and lifts the saggy skin while enhancing the overall appearance of skin along with removing fine lines and wrinkles. It is very gentle without embarrassing redness.

This facial is a revolutionary wrinkles remover and repairs the damaged skin. It smooths the fine lines, firms the facial muscles and increases the blood circulation. The Dermasonic facial is the best therapy to clear up acne affected skin.

Dermasonic facial is a safe and experts-proven therapy for removing dead and damaged skin cells and reviving the growth of new healthy cells. It painlessly cleanses and repairs the facial skin. It minimises acne, enlarged pores, puffy eyes, wrinkles, freckles and fine lines. It also repairs scar damage on the skin and improves its texture.

It boosts the effects of serums and oil on the skin, making them penetrate deep into the skin. The Dermasonic facial makes the facial muscles tight and decongest the pores. It detoxes the skin and boosts the blood circulation.