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Customised Massage

Customised massage benefits much deeper than a simple body massage. In customised massage the therapist let you choose your favourite massage oil. The customised massage increases the blood circulation and gives the body required nutrient by proving the blood vessels with sufficient oxygen. The customised massage also corrects and enhances the flexibility of joints and eliminates joint pain or muscle spasm.

Indulge yourself in the therapeutic customised massage that is done according to you. The therapist will communicate with you over the area that needs pressure during the massage, in order to treat it completely. The customised massage helps in increasing the flow of blood and nourishing the tissues.

The customised massage is a combination of heat, reflexology and acupressure to cure women of PMS. The therapists are well-trained and they know they several pressure points in the body that could relax the reproductive system and could balance the hormones. Customised massage aids in relieving the menstrual cramps and pain whilst calming the hormones and letting go the pain.

In the customised massage, the therapist works on realigning the layer of muscles to release spasm and tension that could lead to chronic ache, likely of the lower back, neck stiffness, and shoulders. The strokes by the therapist are gentle but with high concentration so that the oil could penetrate into the deeper layers of muscles.

Customised massage works wonders in stimulating the lymphatic system and improving the blood flow. The massage cartels aromatherapy with rosemary, peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus to soothe a headache. Ultimately this massage therapy could ensure your satisfaction and relaxation with a calm mind. This massage therapy flushes out the harmful waste material and toxins from the body, therefore it is suggested to intake fluids after the therapy.

The customised massage incorporates deep tissue work so that the stripping and flexibility of muscles are promoted and this works like magic in increasing the blood flow to the tissues.