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Beginners Course

The Beginners Course in Hijama Therapy is the first step to becoming a qualified Hijama practitioner. This course designed for students with no prior knowledge or a background in Hijama (Cupping) therapy. Completing this course will give students the foundation knowledge required for becoming a competent Hijama therapist.

Each module is assessed with short answer questions, which will be assessed by the course tutors once the course is completed. Upon successful completion of the course, the student will have the chance to further study the Advanced Knowledge in Hijama Therapy Course, to complete the skills and knowledge required to become a qualified Hijama therapist.

Following is a list of the modules in the Beginners course:

  • Module 1: The composition of a cell and functions of the skin
  • Module 2: Circulatory system
  • Module 3: Gastrointestinal system
  • Module 4: The skeleton and Bones
  • Module 5: Muscular system
  • Module 6: Lymphatic system
  • Module 7: The Central Nervous System
  • Module 8: The Endocrine system
  • Module 9: Reproductive system and fertility
  • Module 10: Hijama Treatment

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