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Back Scrub

Back Scrub is a treatment done to exfoliates the skin on the back of your body, making it fresh, smooth and moisturised. In the back scrub, the dead skin cells will slough off by rubbing the flaky skin, resulting in soft and smooth back. An oily base is applied on the back to start scrubbing it so that the skin does not turn out to be rough.

The back scrub improves the blood circulation to help fight cellulite and recovers the skin tone.

The back scrub is of several types, depending on the skin type. The therapists use salt and oil, where the salt is finely granulated and infused with essential oils, the sugar scrub, on the other hand, is mixed with essential oil or herbal oil containing rosemary, aloe vera or lavender suiting each skin type.

The back scrub also an option for an entirely organic scrub mixture made out of fruits, in which the fruit seeds are crushed to soothe and nourish the back. These different types of body scrubs are used to detoxify the back and treat various skin related issues.

Back scrub is as essential as keep the face clear because it helps the skin to glow and nourish. The back scrub cleanses the clogged pores, prevents and treats back acne as well as remove the dehydrated skin. This therapy involves deep cleansing and steam to open the pores, then scrub is done to lift the impurities. It is followed by a gentle and experts neck, shoulder and back massage, making you feel the rejuvenated and revitalised skin.

The back scrub aids in deep cleansing the skin and removing harmful toxins in the pores caused by pollution and dirt. It reduces the accumulation of sebum which causes acne and blackheads. Back scrub help in improving the circulation of blood, which also increases the flow of oxygen in blood cells. This improvement in circulation done by back scrub is essential of a youthful look.