Advanced Course

The Advanced Cupping Course is designed for students with prior knowledge in Hijama therapy and is aimed at the students that successfully completed the Beginners Course in Hijama Therapy.

This course is delivered online and is assessed with questions at the end of each module. Students are asked to complete the course with the assessment for each module and return to their course tutor to attain their final results. Upon successful completion of this course, the students are encouraged to book with the senior hijama therapist for the practical training session at the Ilford Cupping clinic, to put the skills and knowledge learned through the courses into practice.

Following is a list of the modules in the Advanced Cupping course:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Hijama
  • Module 2: Standard Operational Procedures and Safety regulations in the treatment room, for therapists and their assistants
  • Module 3: Anatomy and Physiology
  • Module 4: The Hijama Treatment
  • Module 5: Other Cupping Methods
  • Module 6: Sunnah points and Sunnah days
  • Module 7: The Reproductive system and Infertility
  • Module 8: Prophetic Medicines
  • Module 9: Essential Oils and treatments
  • Module 10: Hijama (Cupping) Therapy Treatment Used for Sciatica: Sciatic neuritis A Case Study

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