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About Us

The Board of Hijama Regulations (BHR), and was established by a small group of science graduates, physicians and hijama (Cupping) enthusiasts who have been working together in the field of hijama since 2010.

Our organisation aims to help revitalize the practice of hijama from historical medicine and healing on a wider scale to the highest professional level by promoting and educating patients and future potential practitioners to the practice through formal, nationally recognised qualifications: graduates from the courses will be slowly introduced to hands on experience under the supervision of senior practitioners.

Our goal is to regulate the field of Hijama (Cupping), to stop unqualified therapists performing this treatment on vulnerable patients causing harm instead of health and vitality. The danger of unqualified and unexperienced therapists effects the client greatly, a number of problems can occur to health and as this is the process of removing toxicated blood from the human body, it also can be the reason for many other diseases such as STD, Aids and hepaptitis. It is essential for the Hijama practitioner to be qualified and trained not only in health and safety procedures but also needs to have detailed knowledge of the hijama treatment and its effects on the human body as well as human physiology.

As an NCFE approved centre, BHR is offering these unique nationally recognised courses to establish you as a learner in the Hijama Therapy field. The courses are first of its kind in this fast expanding industry.

The Board of Hijama Regulations delivers 2 courses (Online Distant Learning) and a Practical Training Opportunity. These courses are delivered online, which provide the learner the flexibility to complete these courses at their own pace without a time limit. The only pre-requsite to gain access on the Beginners Course is a good and competent level of written and spoken English is required to understand and complete the courses.

  • Beginners Course in Hijama (Cupping) Therapy

This course is the first step for the learner on the journey to become a Hijama therapist. The course delivers all basic knowledge required to progress onto the Advanced Course in Hijama (Cupping) Therapy.

  • Advanced Course in Hijama (Cupping) Therapy

The pre-requisite for this course is the successful completion of the Beginners Course in Hijama (Cupping) Therapy. The course provides the learner with the advanced knowledge in Hijama (Cupping) therapy, giving the learner all the tools to become a qualified Hijama therapist on completion.

  • Practical Training with our in-house Qualified and experienced Hijama Therapist

This session of practical training will be held in our clinic at a time convenient to the learner. This is the final step to becoming a qualified Hijama therapist, giving the opportunity to put all the knowledge and skills learned through the courses into practise under the supervision of senior therapists. Allowing the learner to gain the confidence needed to carry out their treatments complying to the BHR regulations for hijama.

Email and phone support to all students from tutors about course and assessments